Cochrane Public Library

Thank you OLS-North for helping us reconnect with our community!


skills - community engagement

In January 2019, Cochrane Public Library launched a large-scale community survey. The Town of Cochrane allowed us to include paper copies in the property tax bills, and we hosted an online survey with Google Forms. The Skills Development Team at Ontario Library Services-North was a huge helping hand in getting this done. Over several weeks in late 2018 we developed, revised and edited the questions and layout, perfected the format both in hard copy and online, and once we were happy with the final product, launched the survey to great success. We had over 300 completed surveys returned to the library. An OLS-North Skills Advisor took on the task of analyzing the data and created a comprehensive report for our Library Board.

The data we collected through this survey will be used to create our new Strategic Plan, and we’ve already implemented many changes thanks to our new knowledge of both our users and non-users in our community. We have changed our marketing strategy and are in the process of creating new programs.

Without the support of OLS-North this project would not have been as successful as it was. Our library relies on the Skills Development team for guidance in many different areas; governance, staff training, cataloguing, not the mention the Technology and Innovation Team’s support for both our website and our Integrated Library System. OLS-North offers our library a great sounding board for working through new ideas, as well as keeps us connected with surrounding libraries for peer support and collaboration.